Modular Factory Set

Modular Factory Set

3D printable ruins models for tabletop and compatible for WTC and ETC tournaments.

In a tournament or in a game with your friends, compose your own custom decor with an assembly of pillars and walls held together by magnets.

The whole set is available now !


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The strength of our set lies in the modularity

Compose your own ruins with our construction system: the walls are held in place by pillars, the floor and the ceiling come together and hold everything together.

Once printed and assembled, no need for glue to build the structures ! Three solutions are available to you:

Use the printed 8x20mm sticks (provided in the basic pledge),
Use Spherical 5mm magnets.
The locations have been designed to accommodate a standard-sized magnet :

Grounds and Rooftops parts : 8 x 3 mm magnets,
Pillars : 8 x 5mm or Spherical 5mm magnets.

Compose at will

Our assembly system allows us to offer you 6 wall models:

  • Standard brick wall
  • Metal reinforced brick wall
  • Demolished brick wall
  • Door with lintel
  • Window with lintel
  • Classic brick window

We also have designed others parts to build your own structures, with this one you can connect, for example, the demolished floors from the Two storey ruin to the others floors.

(Of course, when you want to design your own structure, you can go highter and bigger !)

Easy to store

Modularity has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to storing or transporting sets!

Easy to print 

All models are pre-supported and ready to be imported in the slicer.

No need for a raft or a brim (especially since we don’t recommend it as the parts are tightly adjusted), if some parts need a raft to be printed (as the metals lintels), we already pre-add them in the .stl files.

How to paint the models ?

FDM is a really good compromise between quality and good price, as you can see in our gallery, all our test prints are done with “classic” FDM printers (Prusa / CR10), indeed, although we have a SLA printer available in our lab, we want to show the result with the most common technology available.

Of course, in order to achieve this result, we use to do some post-printing treatment before painting the models, nothing hard to do (only a thin coat of sand textured aerosol spray in order to hide the layers).

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